What is a Travel Trailer?

Travel Trailer A unit designed to be towed by a car, van or pickup by means of a bumper or frame hitch, the travel trailer provides all the comforts of home and is perfectly adaptable for weekend getaways, family vacations, and fulltiming.

Size: 12 - 35 feet.

Cost (without tow vehicle): Average: 14,300
Range: Most available from $9,500 - $63,000

Sleeps: Up to eight people (depending on model)


  • As with all towables, unit can be detached at your destination, freeing up towing vehicle for short trips and excursions, running errands and other conventional uses.
  • Travel trailers are available with all the conveniences of home for sleeping, showering, cooking, dining, and relaxing . Without floorspace needed for the driver's cab, travel trailers offer a wide, flexible variety of floor plans.
  • A feature found on many of today's travel trailers is the slide-out. At the touch of a button, the slideout moves a portion of the RVs exterior wall outward as much as 3 1/2 feet to enlarge the living, dining, sleeping or even kitchen area. When extended, the slideout protrudes beyond the normal outside walls of the RV, like an addition on a conventional home.
  • Today's market offers a large selection of suitable tow vehicles. Travel trailers can be towed by most full-size and many midsize family automobiles, SUVs, vans or other truck-based vehicles (consult your dealer for specifications).
  • Telescoping travel trailers offer improved fuel economy. They can be lowered to cartop level for travel, eliminating the gasoline consuming wind drag. These units can also be lowered for storage in a garage or carport.
  • New lightweight travel trailers have recently been introduced, designed light enough to be towed by most six-cylinder family vehicles. This lightweight version of towable travel trailers retain all the modern conveniences of the traditional vehicles and some even offer special features like the slideout. Typically, lightweight towables are under 26 feet, weigh less than 4,000 pounds and retail from about $8,000 to $14,000.

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