What is a Truck Camper?

Truck Camper A unit loaded onto, or affixed to, the bed or chassis of a pickup, the truck camper is popular for backroad journeys, accessing remote locales and family recreational camping.

Size: 18 to 21 feet

Cost (without tow vehicle): Average: $12,000
Most available from $4,000-$21,900

Sleeps: Up to six people (depending on model)


  • With the boom in pickup sales, adding a camper is an easy, economical way for many first-timers to begin RVing.
  • Truck campers combine the best benefits of the self-contained motorhome with those of a towable trailer.
  • Compact size makes the truck camper a versatile, manageable and convenient RV for local travel to and from the campsite.
  • At home or at the final travel destination, the camping unit can be detached and set on its own jacks allowing pickup truck to be used separately.
  • Truck campers are made in a wide array of sizes with floor plans that provide a variety of options such as toilets, showers, kitchen facilities, air-conditioners and pop-up roofs.
  • Traditionally built for efficient use of space, maximizing living and storage areas has not been a priority for truck camper buyers. However, with today's manufacturers offering a wide range of floor plans and options such as extended cabovers, truck campers can be more spacious than ever before.

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